Featuring new S Gene with REPREVE® Sustainblue™ fabric options.


With our dual core superior performing stretch, this season S Gene® echo’s elements from our newest concepts of Modern Retro, Legends and The Favorite. Offered in different levels of stretch - low, medium, and high power performance. Range of fabric weights from lighter weights to mid-level authentic for more hold for higher-waisted silhouettes to heavier medium level stretch for Men’s and Women’s. Shades include brilliant casted mid and dark dip indigos that remain bright and worn-in black shades.


Featuring new S Gene® with REPREVE® Sustainblue™ fabric options.

Cone Denim S Gene Collections

Key Features

  • Our dual core superior performing stretch inspired by elements from our FA 20 collections: Modern Retro, The Favorite and Legends
  • Heavier weight for more hold and a bolder authentic look
  • High stretch super soft
  • Comfort stretch with an easy worn in hand and balanced authentic character
  • Bright, brilliant casted indigo- mid and dark dips that remain bright
  • Worn-in second hand black shades
  • Heavier weight, medium level stretch for Mens and Womens